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A VERY special opportunity to see the instructors of the “Fall Flamenco Residency” and 2 of the headlining artists of the “Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival”. They will rock the house, in an intimate setting, over healthy and delicious Mediterranean dishes. This show is only $10!!! but Tips are encouraged… so PLEASE BRING CASH for these incredible performers!!! Master accompanist Santiago Maya will sing and play guitar for dancers Julia Alcantara and the AMAZING Lakshmi Basile!!! Abejorro will keep the beats on the Cajon, while this critically acclaimed group of artists takes you on a journey to Spain and back. Please call the restaurant for reservations!!!

Please contact ‘Ida y Vuelta Flamenco’ for info on classes!

About Headlining Residency Artist: Lakshmi Basile began performing at the age of six with her parents’ band “The Electrocarpathians”. She studied dance at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts during elementary and high school. She grew up in the flamenco community of San Diego, where her passionate artistic character began to form. After performing as a flamenco dancer in California and studying classical dance at the University of California Santa Barbara, Lakshmi travelled to Spain at the age of 20 to complete her flamenco studies. She was fortunate to be quickly embraced by artists and find work in tablaos and flamenco private events alongside great artists such as La Toná, La Familia Amaya, Pepe Torres, Joselito Méndez, Antonio Moya, La Tana, Carmen Ledesma, Antonio Rey and Manuel Molina. She was nicknamed La Chimi, which is simply her own name repronounced.

In recent years, Lakshmi Basile “La Chimi” became one of the first and only foreign artists in Spain to win a highly regarded national prize in, Concurso de las Minas de La Unión, 2011. She also won an award in another primary contest, Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba. There she surprised flamenco critics and received great praise: “un desgarrador homenaje a los románticos de lo jondo” (a heart wrenching homage to the romantics of pure flamenco), Alberto García Reyes, ABC. In fifteen years, Lakshmi consolidates her career in Seville, the cradle of flamenco. She performs daily as a soloist at the tablao “El Palacio Andaluz” in Seville, Spain. She works alongside significant artists in private events and festivals internationally, such as, Great Britain, Denmark and Uruguay. She has produced her own show in Spain, named, “Zarabanda, Lo Que Duerme en el Cuerpo de los Gitanos”, (Zarabanda, What Sleeps in the Gypsies’ Body). She is also sought after as a teacher by flamenco students in Spain. Lakshmi Basile has found her substantial artistic career as a flamenco dancer, because that is what she is in her soul and heart. “Su baile es de una alegría conquistada” (Her dance is one of conquered joy) – Félix Grande, poet and flamencologist. “La única cosa americana que tiene es su pasaporte”, (The only American thing she has is her passport) – Ángel Ojeda, former Minister of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía..”

About Guitarist/Singer Santiago Maya has joined the board for the Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival as a musical consultant and Artist manager. We are pleased to have such a well connected artist on our staff. Santiago was raised in on his father’s Andalusian horse ranch in Pecos, NM and grew up listening to him play flamenco. He picked up the guitar at age 4, but got serious about his guitar technique, as a teenager and began fine tuning his flamenco singing and guitar playing as an accompanist in 1999 at the National Institute of Flamenco in Albuquerque. There he collaborated with big top artists like Chuscales, Omayra Amaya, Eva Encinias and toured accompanying Vicente Griego and “Arte Flamenco”. He Later moved to California and began teaching Cajon and guitar. There he enjoyed invitations to work with singers: Jesus Montoya, Antonio de Jerez, dancers Manuel Gutierrez & Ivan Vargas, Ryan/Alex Zerneno, and some of the best dancers in the US. He has played all over the West Coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara in noted tablaos: El Cid, Alegrias, Luna Negra, Café Sevilla and theaters: Montalban, Ivar and La Brea Theaters and extensively at the Los Angeles Music Center. He is currently recording at Joey Heredia’s “Groove Studio” working several multi-media projects soon to be released.